A Never-ending Season of Lament, Part II

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All good things are subject to corruption but can later be redeemed. That’s the story from Genesis to Revelation, from garden to garden. A lot of death happened and is happening between Adam and the Lion of Judah. I just don’t understand why Black bodies dying at the hands of law enforcement has to be a part of that story.

The Fall caused this? This is an insane story arc to write because someone chose not to be obedient.

The God we serve is fair and just. The God we serve is righteous. The God we serve told the people of Israel to look after the least among them. Giving a damn is standard operating procedure. But yet we continue to fail at following simple directions. God gives us opportunities to get this right and we don’t.

We lament a knee to the back of one’s neck. We lament not learning our lesson from the death of Eric Garner. He couldn’t breathe either. We lament corrupt leadership and systems. Failing systems breed failing behavior. We praise yet caution the sudden interest by White allies and the sudden elevation of White voices. You can’t center allyship. That’s oxymoronic.

What a world we live in when a stay-at-home order protects Black people not only from COVID-19 but from police brutality and white woman privilege. We step back outside and it’s business as usual. But yet even as I write that, that business didn’t shut down at all. Black people make up a large percentage of deaths caused by the coronavirus and are main ones arrested and issued summonses by the police for not keeping to that stay-at-home order. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

Damned if you exist in your Blackness and damned if you don’t — because it’s never your call. Your treatment is never your call. You get the police called on you. You get a knee to your neck. You get hunted down by pickup trucks and shotguns. You get shot in the dark laying next to your boyfriend. You get accused of crimes you didn’t commit. You get seen as a threat. You get ignored when your labor pains grow because for some reason, Black bodies can take more pain. And you die, three times the rate of white women.

You lose your life because damned if you exist. This is such an evil level of corruption. So when will this world be redeemed? And will Black people actually be around to see it be so?

Memoirist in spirit and in truth. Christian essayist when both the spirit and truth move me. email: crjtwrites[at]gmail.com

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