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Sunday’s Best

Here’s something beautiful about you. I see the light in you before you’ll ever see what glimmers from within. I know you’re capable of so many feats. You invented leaps. You are the epitome of what success bs before you even utter your first words. You own rooms. You create the rooms that others want to reside within. You mean more. You matter.

The reason why tell you these things is because no one told me. If I knew that was an ounce of legit like others like to tell me, I would have not been afraid to achieve any of the dreams. Nothing would be insurmountable. I’d win on principle.

No one told me to stand tall. No one told me to hold my head up high. People juts taught me to exist. That’s not good enough.

To exist just means to be present. Present ain’t enough. You often have to yell in a room full of noise in order for others to hear you. Know that they won’t.

But that shouldn’t stop you. That should push you. You need to be persistent. You need to fight for your right to be. Beyond just be. You need to fight for your ‘am”.

I am somebody. I am important. I am significant. I am a steward for dope things. I am an influencer. I am flyness in the flesh.

I am what my father dreams I could be. I am what my mother prayed I could be. I am what my Father created me to be. I am.

And despite what everyone may think of me, I know the truth. I know my truth.

I know me.

I am me.

This is part of my attempt to write every day in July. You can follow the series here

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