Love & Hip-Hop: B2K

Y’all. I knew the tour was going to be a storyline on Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood but who asked for Immature to be a part?!

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Sidenote: Kelton aka LDB got fine. But, Sis. What?!

The trailer for the upcoming season of Love & Hip-Hop: Hollywood has been released and many fans are having a field day with the inclusion of B2K in season six of this series.

Fizz has been a part of the LHH: Hollywood community since its inception with Omarion having a role in the first two seasons of the series with his then-fiancee, April. April is now back on the series as Fizz’s longtime friend who-may-have-been lovers, crossing paths with Moniece, the mother of Fizz’s son and longtime enemy-on-the-front-lines.

B2Ks role in this series should surprise no one since the boys went on tour earlier in the year (the group just announced that their last performance for the forseeable future will be at Drake’s OVO Fest in Toronto in August). What we weren’t expecting to see: Immature. Boog posits that many fans were asking for Immature/IMx to be a part of the tour (sidenote: when?!) which leads to a scene where all three members seem to be at a crossroads about wanting to be a part.

I get it. Immature was the black boy band of the 90s however they were not B2K, were never as popular as B2K and grabbed onto the coattails of B2K when the group was at its peak. The world wasn’t asking for IMx albums. They were shoved down our throats.

So to see J-Boog — who could still wife me if he wanted to — say that IMx should be on this tour? Ha! Since the split of B2K in 2005, Boog has patched things up with both Chris Stokes, B2K’s notorious manager, and Marques Houston, who is actually Boog’s first cousin. Maybe this was a lob for Houston and crew, who Boog is still close with. Either way, we see as LDB — who, like I said, got mad fine all of a sudden — get up in reality TV fake anger about his role in the group and on the tour.

Yeah, aight.

B2K’s involvement in Love & Hip Hop has been in the making for years. As previously mentioned, Fizz and Omarion are or were regular castmates and Boog made a cameo during last season when Fizz was first unsuccessful in getting the group back together. But now that the tour has happened and B2K is back in the spotlight, it makes sense that the show would use that moment for this upcoming season.

And make it play out like the B2K fanfiction we always wanted for it to be.

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