Before you say anything just know that my heart really ain’t this fleeting. Kinda.

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I already know that certain folks will come at me for this and I’m okay with this. I only have to answer to God at the end of the day. But I guess I should announced this major change in my life so we can end the embarrassment for all parties involved.

Gregory Polanco lost his #baseballbae title back in April. I tried my best to hide it, bury in the dirt like this current Pirates’ season. Like, the Pirates are not playing their best but we all saw that coming. After a fire start, they finally came back to Earth. We’re just waiting for the season to declare that it’s officially six feet under.

So my heart was open. I held myself in line for as long as I could. But then I saw him.

It doesn’t take much for me to fall in love. A cute face will pretty much do it. But I really fall face first on the pavement called love when someone that shows mad potential for greatness, which Gregory Polanco did. I remember when he first called up from the Pirates AAA team back in 2014 and the hype that brought the city. I sat through flashes of brilliance and moments of stupidity. More moments of stupidity but you learn from failure, correct?

He did get better and I doubled down on my affection but then the Pirates made the decision to be trash this year and I couldn’t commit. I’m a terrible fan, I know (It’s just sports, y’all…).

So when I took my eyes off of my love, Ronald Acuna Jr. creeped into my life after I made the mistake of watching a Braves game earlier in the year. And what did Jesus say in Matthew about adulterous thoughts and the heart? Yep, I got got.

But I have no regrets. I sit in this baseball sin, yes I do.

Acuna plays for the Atlanta Braves, the hottest team in baseball. His trajectory to the Majors is similar to Polanco in that fans were screaming for him to be called up from the Minors. Once he got to the Majors, he played out of his mind, showing off on the field and at the plate. And my heart just caved. I knew it was over for me and #baseballbae.

The wild thing is that I thought I was getting my comeuppance when Acuna Jr. appeared to tear a ligament in his knee earlier in the season. I hadn’t broken up with Polanco for a day and God wanted me to pay for it. Thankfully Acuna only sprained his knee and he came back on the field in less than a month. Redemption, right?

In August, they will meet on the field. Am I worried about a fight? No. I think Polanco knows my heart. We had a mean run, we really did. But it’s Acuna and I’s time to ride through the center field to our love. Polanco will deal.

Or get dealt to a winning team so I can fall in love again.

This is my attempt to write every day for the month of July. Follow me on Medium using the #wedj2018 or on Twitter (@crjwrites).

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