Y’all Better Leave Michael B. Jordan Alone…

Who he chooses to date — Black or otherwise— ain’t got nothing to do with you.

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An everyday occurrence. (Source: Tumblr.com)

Michael B. Jordan needs to disable comments on his Instagram. Yesterday, the actor showed love and support to rapper Nick Grant by reposting the video for Grant’s song titled “Black Woman”. What went from showing his boy some love turned into a lesson about Group Think in the 21st century.

All hell broke loose. Like, the ninth circle of Hell rose up in a way that we’ve never seen.

“But yet, you don’t date … nevermind.”

Supposedly, Michael B. Jordan doesn’t date Black women. Allegedly. Rumored. You can’t post any content about the man without someone leaving a comment saying that he doesn’t prefer Black women. Hell, he could wear a black suit and somebody will comment that “he may look good in black but he won’t date a Black woman.” It is endless and it’s the one rumor that he can’t shake. The one idea about him that — even after multiple attempts to debunk — is now fact.

But now it’s grown into something that is hurtful and shameful. It’s started from him not being attracted to Black women to then not dating Black women to now even hating Black women.

No one can really pinpoint where and how this rumor started. Most people point — even Jordan to a degree — to him being caught in public with non-Black women. The situations themselves were pretty innocuous but for some reason, the rumor kept growing to the point that now it’s an undisputed fact.

The rumor is now tattooed onto Mike’s career. You can see his agitation when asked about it in interviews. He even went as far to say that it’s the craziest rumor he’s ever heard about himself.

It felt never ending. But then ‘MiPita’ happened.

(I bet his team was like “Thank God!”)

Truth be told, I got swept up in the ‘shipping’ of Jordan and Lupita Nyongo too. It’s two of the most beautiful people in the world looking like they like each other. It’s a Black Notebook waiting to happen, a Black love story we’ve been waiting on for years. They look good together, straight up. To me, the rumors and innuendo of their alleged relationship was lowkey a blessing for Mike. It bought him some much needed grace and it took the heat off of the rumors that he wouldn’t dare give a Black woman the time of day.

I mean, look at him looking at her. My God. Give me the cinematic masterpiece that I deserve.

But with the success of Black Panther came a new level of attention that unfortunately brought back the attention paid to his love life. So now people were really in his business. So much that two Instagram stories and some eyeball emojis was enough to cause a firestorm.

You can Google her name. I won’t give you the satisfaction.

Whether or not she’s his girlfriend is unknown. In this day, leaving eye emojis in someone’s comments is a sign of commitment. But if she is his girl, it’s really none of our business. And it’s really unfortunate that some people have gone great lengths to harass the poor girl on social media. Hell, his supposed “fan pages” on Instagram end up being the biggest aggravators of the bunch.

We’re in an era of “black love”, a time when it’s dope to unabashedly celebrate love within our culture. While this isn’t new, social media does take this to another level. The imagery of Black couples is everywhere — with or without consent — as a way to reinforce love in unity with each other. Yes, the world would explode if Mike ended up in some Black love power couple. But truthfully, his love life is not for our consumption. And that relationship would not be the only indicator that Mike is down for the cause.

It’s absurd to believe that Mike isn’t out here advocating for Black culture. The work he’s done in Fruitvale Station and Black Panther — — playing characters that speak to us and our experience — should be enough. He’s made a conscious effort to break the leading man mold in Hollywood by playing roles that, in concept, were written for White men (Fantastic Four and That Awkward Moment). Now he’s a content creator with his new production company, Outlier Society. He’s in the position to create inclusive productions — in front and behind the camera — and has already pledged to do so.

In short, he’s for us. So to believe that he would hate Black women is stretchiest of stretches ever.

Yes, you can create art that advocates for Black voices and date outside of your race. As long as you are not denigrating your people, what’s the harm? Hell, Donald Glover caught the wrath of Black Twitter Satan last week when the world discovered that he has children with a non-Black woman. All of a sudden the merits of “This is America” were moot. That’s absurd. You can’t make a video like that and supposedly have some hatred for your people. The math doesn’t add up.

Michael B. Jordan doesn’t hate Black women. Michael B. Jordan can date whoever he chooses. Shit, look at him. Who wouldn’t want that?!

Memoirist in spirit and in truth. Christian essayist when both the spirit and truth move me. email: crjtwrites[at]gmail.com

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